Fulvic Acid - a multi dimensional antioxidant - powerful free radical scavenger.

Our water-extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals (X350 Concentration) are plant based and have been recognized globally as the purest form available anywhere!

Fulvic acid is a class of humic shale, which is an American version of Shilajit. Our Fulvic Trace Minerals contains a rich blend of organic compounds which are found naturally in the soil. Amazingly, our fulvic acid product contains a treasure chest full of 77 trace minerals in their original ionic composition. Some of these minerals are the valuable electrolytes and amino acids that help our bodies function properly. Our Fulvic Minerals / Liquid Minerals product is also a multi-directional antioxidant and acts as mini ion transporters, as they carry vital nutrients throughout the body.

A 6 month supply in every 2 oz bottle. Multi-bottle discounts available!


For an overview of Fulvic Acid consult our Fulvic Ionic Minerals Guide.