About Us

We take alternative health products seriously. Big Pharma shouldn't be dictating what we take or not take. At Hempluv.com we feel there are natural approaches that can be taken to improve our overall quality of life, without nasty side effects. 

CBD/Full Spectrum Hemp products, contain no THC. The products we offer, are tested to confirm quality, potency and confirm no existence of THC  (the psychoactive properties in marijuana that give you the high). These products can be consumed as part of your normal vitamin regiment. 

Carbon 60 in Olive Oil is a product that we learned of via a number of Youtube interviews and the eye opening results that have been experienced with regard to this product. My wife and I marched forward with experimenting with this product to witness incredible results. As active people, we want to postpone the aging process as long as possible, and the test results in rats have begun to show this is the product. 

Welcome to hempluv.com and send us an email.