Hempluv.com Accepts LiteCoin and Bitcoin!!!!

Really exciting update Carbon 60 can now be purchased with Litecoin or Bitcoin

Many in the carbon 60 olive oil community, are also in the crypto currency markets. We at carbon60benefits.com and HempLuv.com are your portals to purchase carbon 60 via these cryptos, LiteCoin and Bitcoin. 
As more and more providers are adopting the ability to select cryptos as a checkout, payment option. We believe, we are the first to provide the option for the purchase of high quality carbon 60 olive oil. 

What is carbon 60? 

Carbon 60 (C60) is a super antioxidant due to its ability to bind with hydrogen molecules. C60, taken in an olive oil solution, has proven in laboratory tests to scrub cells to eliminate free radicals. Laboratory rodents have shown this process can protect cells to postpone the effects of aging and aging related diseases. Visit carbon60benefits.com for additional information. C60 is a natural byproduct of the burn process, it is found in soot in small quantities... found in nature. Big Pharma will not like this!!! As with Hemp and CBD Oil they will fight this as they can’t patent it and charge exorbitant fees. 

Is C60 for you? 

C60 is not approved by the FDA. If the benefits seen anecdotly within the community or in labs, are something you are interested in trying... you can buy your product here using credit card, PayPal, bitcoin or litcoin.  Buy now at HempLuv.com
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